Easy and quick SMS writing

Write on the computer. Send with your mobile.

Write a SMS quickly and easily

Use any web browser to write a SMS on your computer, then send it from your phone.

Enjoy your favorite applications

Before sending messages, you can add recipients and edit message in your favorite application on phone.



for AndroidOS

from v1.6

How does it work?

1. Install the application from Android Market on your phone and register in the SpocoSMS site.

2. Log in to your SpocoSMS account on a computer and also on your mobile.

3. Write your message using SpocoSMS site, then transmit it to your phone.

4. After receiving the message on your phone, add recipients and send your SMS! This is really simple.

Users feedback

One of the most useful application for Android. It spares my time. Nothing more nothing less:)

David, Wroclaw

I do not like typing text messages on my mobile, that's why I tried the SpocoSMS. Now I know I will keep using it!!

Tom, Poznan

It is useful when I'm in the office. It allows me to send a SMS from my phone number very quickly. I really recommend this!

Julia, Warsaw